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Services Netgreen ASP provides

 WebSite Hosting Packages

Our Primary Service is to provide a complete package of tools to generate a rewarding Web Site.

The ability of administrating your own web site is very important, as the content should always be regularly updated. Using a third party for this task can often result in an expensive bottleneck.

Choosing the Domain name of the Web Site is the first stage. Our partner Registrar Service can provide a choice of over a 130 different types of domain, with a secure Administration panel to point it at the Web Hosting server.

Try it, enter your preferred name that you would like to make your domain.

The second stage is to construct your web site. We would suggest you use a professionally graphic designed Template. Our Template Partner has large Library illustrates the potential. Once the Template has been chosen and downloaded, editing software should be used to change the text inside the template. Depending on the type of template will dictate the software required. The HTML templates are the simplest as there is some very User friendly editor software available, such as Front Page. Press the link below, under 'WEB SITE DESIGN'

The template stage can be missed out, as our Server has embedded free software that has a ready made web site structures, such as Web Templates, Forums, Blogs and Wikis. Adding the content from your Computer is a simple process of pressing a few buttons and using the keyboard. See future detail on what is offered , below in the section about 'INTERACTIVE' tools using Cpanel.

The Final stage is the choosing a Web Hosting Server. Our packages are very competitive in price. The size of the package can be upgraded as required, as your site becomes more successful. See further information about the packages we offer in the right side column of this page.

For further information that you may find helpful, in learning more about Web design. See More Info.

Tools to make a good Website......

WEB SITE DESIGN - Templates Available DreamTemplate - Web Templates

If you require ready made Web Template in the format HTML, Flash, CSS, or PSD

The advantage of this option is the opportunity to use the work of experienced graphic designers, at a low cost.

More Info.


To generate return 'Surfers' back to your Website the site must have Interactive tools, such as Photo Albums, Polls, Newsletter functions, Web content management, Wikis and Blogs.

All of the 'Open Source' software is free and already installed on the Server packages that we sell. The aim of any website is to generate return users that are interested in keeping up to date with the content. Therefore the content must be constantly be updated. If the Users have controlled access to the editing of the content then the User has become empowered. 

More Info.


To adapt Web Templates or understand how to use graphic packages such as FrontPage, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, Flash and Java software, use the courses on this web site.

A few hours of learning will enable you to design how you want to get your message across effectively. 

There are some free trail courses available.

Learn Web Design Online


Professional advice from Web Designers, that make a living from their designs.

Using a Video format they give tips on what to do to use Interactive tools, that are available in the 'Fantastico' software, in our CPanel Web hosting packages. 

There are some free sample videos also about the use of Graphics Software.

Training Videos for Web Designers

NetGreen ASP offers different packages, to suit the size of the Web Site and the amount of Traffic (Band width) passing through it over a month period.

NOTE: When a Web Hosting Package is subscribed to it can be upgraded to a larger Package at any time, if your Web Site requires larger storage or broadband capacity.

Minimum subscription is for 6 months, with discounts for longer pre-paid Subscriptions.

Standard Package


100MB space, 1GB bandwidth,
30 E-mail accounts,
5 MySQL Databases,
Front Page Exts,C-Panel Control

£2.5/€2.80 per month!

Standard-Plus Package



200MB space, 3GB bandwidth,
30 E-mail accounts,
5 MySQL Databases,
Front Page Exts,C-Panel Control.

£3/€3.45 per month!


Smart Package

500MB space, 6GB bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail accounts,
8 MySQL Databases,
Front Page Exts,C-Panel Control.

£6/€6.90 per month!


Top Heavy Package

1GB space, 10GB bandwidth, Unlimited E-mail accounts,
15 MySQL Databases,
Front Page Exts,C-Panel Control.

£8/€9.20 per month!

Hosting Packages sufficient for an SME

Standard Package.

100MB space, 1GB bandwidth, 30 E-mail accounts, 5 MySQL Databases, Front Page Exts, C-Panel Controll

£2.50 / €2.90 per month

More Info..

Standard-Plus Package.

200MB space, 3GB bandwidth, 30 E-mail accounts, 8 SQL Databases, Front Page Exts, C-Panel Controll

£3 / €3.45 per month

More Info...

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