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Products Netgreen ASP provides

 Affilated Products

We are working on combining a series of systems to generate a flexible solution of providing IP applications throughout the Domestic house.

Our aim is not to provide more complication in the house by introducing technology, just for the sake of it. Rather the contrary, the aim is to provide flexibility and open solutions to provide a more usable space.

We will be testing out the different systems in a prototype house in Portugal. The systems that withstand the use of a family of 4, with two teenagers, will be advertised for sale on this page in the future.

Until this time we will be advertising Products that have components similar to what we will be marketing in the future. 

We would like to give an impression of what Products are available, in the area of IP Technology.

Some of these Products are from our Partners:

Interesting Products

NetGreen is a certified "Abitana Home Network Solution" Installer. 

Abitana provides the most flexible and technologically advanced Solution by simplify the component design. This services is provided in conjunction with Net Green Solar.

We come across certain Products that fit in with our ideals and objectives. 

LED Lighting

LED Lighting can provide a solution to low electrical consumption. We have chosen a good value, European wide supplier that sales products that generates high quality light, not just back ground lighting. 

40% of a house electrical consumption is on lighting, therefore as a LED light can consume only 3W that is a 95% reduction compared to a 60W tungsten light bulb..... 

OSRAM Power LED Spot 5W GU10 
  warm white

Click on the LED spot for more information

Technological Hardware 

Low Energy Consumption Computing

Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p Desktop

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